Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ubuntu - Fully equipped OS

None of my friends using Linux. What to tell you, I'm just persuaded my wife to take a tour (I hope for good) on Ubuntu Linux. Some weeks ago, I talked with one guy. Very often system crashes, system installations, searching for apps... are killing him.

Hey, well there is solution! Try Ubuntu!

Ubuntu is fully eqipped, completely functional and stable free operating system, that works just after installation. Ubuntu brings you all of software that you need for every-day use. Also, there are near 50.000 packages in software center. You need something? - take a look out there.

If you like rock stability, LTS (Long Term Support) versions are your goal. You'll have support for five years. If you prefere always new software - head for regular versions that have support for nine months. Canonical announcing LTS versions in a period of 2 years, and regular versions in a period of six months.

For internet use, you have Firefox browser, Thunderbird mail client, Transmission bittorrent client, Empathy internet messaging, Desktop sharing, remote desktop client etc.
Multimedia pack has Rhythmbox music player, Videos video player, Brasero disk burning tool, Cheese (similar to Skype, but free and open sourced).
When we talk about office suite, there is LibreOffice suite that brings you Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math. Well, full suite for office work.
There are some small games like Mines, Sudoku, Solitaire, Mahjongg. Then, whole bunch of programs for customization, System Settings, Software Center, Additional Drivers and so on.

Actually, you don't need to run for drivers over internet. Linux kernel have support for very high percentage of all hardware ever made. Well, just install Ubuntu, restart computer and run your OS.