Friday, October 31, 2014

Open in terminal (Nautilus) ::: Ubuntu 14.04

After a long time being KDE user, I came to Unity. There was, still are, some Dolphin functionalities and I want them in Unity, too. Sincerely, Dolphin is much more customizable and feature-rich than Nautilus, but some of the functions You can add/install in Nautilus.

One of them is Open in Terminal.

You need to install this action:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

Now, log out and log in.

When You right click in Files, You'll see Open In Terminal action in context menu. This action allows You open terminal always in specific folder, current working directory, so You do not have to type whole whole address (location) of a folder where You need to do something. Just open the folder in terminal.