Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bored with restrictions? - Choose Ubuntu

I'm consume "freedom" for about 3-4 years. This period represents my new life. In "previous life"I was a thief. Thief, who used everything that other thieves stole from other "thieves inventors". I didn't know neither how that stuffs works nor what I get. But I used that anyway.

Thief inventor is a person who give to you something "valuable", but put chains on you. Yes, chains. Have you ever feel like you "can" do everything, but always something restrains you, even stops you in your work? And you don't know why. You even have no chance to know, to discover why. 

What thief inventor stoles from you? Freedom... All kinds of freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to use (as you like), freedom to tell somebody, to give somebody, to work with somebody, solve problems with somebody, share solutions...

He gave to you, actually sold to you a product and lock-up your abilities. You were forced to buy his products, or steal it. Neither of these two solutions aren't good. In the first case, you have to pay a lot of money for almost everything (product, upgraded version of product, programs, upgraded version of program, you are forced to upgrade to newer version, pay for that too, because of that - buy new hardware and so on). In other case, you will get... let's say everything and nothing in the same time. You'll get desired program, but full of things that work something you have no idea. You will, at the end, spend your money or have software full of crap.

One thing is common in the situations. You don't get a source code.

Source code allows you to read a program, to see how it works, to know what it works in your computer. 

Make a change in your life, make your life and computer work easier. Choose freedom - choose Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is the most used operating system powered by Linux kernel. It's free as in beer and free as in speach. Ubuntu have about 50.000 packages you can install with one click. No cracks, no patches... Source code available.

Love games? Who don't. There is Steam client for Ubuntu Linux. Get it and play your favourite games. 
For those interesting in audio and video production - there is a bunch of things waiting to you.

Feel freedom, join to friendly communities and start new life, better life, honest life... Use your system - don't allow to system to use you.