Monday, November 3, 2014

How to disable Suspending and Screen Locking in Ubuntu 14.04

How many times Your screen was locked or suspended while You were watching Youtube videos or movies, listening music... Is that annoying You? Me, too.

Well, it is good feature (enabled by default in Ubuntu 14.04) when You are using laptop, but on desktop computers it can be very irritating. Most of all, because on desktop computers there is no need for power or battery saving. Same situation is in case of laptop plugged in AC/DC power.

Here I'm going to show You how to disable these features, and You'll can enable them later, if You'll need them.

Everything You need to do is to open System Settings and navigate, first to Brightness & Lock. Change settings like ones on the picture:

Then, go back to Power section and do the same:

And that's it. You can now peacefully watch videos or listen music. Enjoy...

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